Maranatha Bee keeping Initiative was founded in 2015, with an aim to help small scale/domestic bee keepers and other interested parties within first Kumi, Teso region then, replicate the whole system within Uganda then to the whole region of East Africa and Africa in General. This is being done but adopting creative, innovative have means through friendship with highly positioned and, technological transfers and skills. Training individuals,and positioning beekeeping as a means to sustain our ecosystem and perhaps earn some income through sale of bee and beekeeping products.

Our objectives:

  • Train interested parties in beekeeping as a healthy environmental activity which, if well sustained will bring about a 25% increase in crop yield around the areas where beekeeping is well thought off. Supplying  them with the necessary equipment and technical support should be a priority.
  • Establish beekeeper cooperatives in each community and a beekeeping association in Uganda to form an organized network of producers that can collectively market honey and beeswax to obtain a fair price.
  • Implement a conservation education program using films to explain to communities why emphasis is placed on taking beekeeping for better agriculture in general and as an income generating activities other than the traditional mind set.
  • With the emphasis on beekeeping as a sole method of boosting natural pollination, we are optimistic in a near future crop yield will be realized and war on hunger and acute poverty may seem winnable.
  • Awareness on how to save bees from massive killings during honey harvest has to be driven home to every one in the world. Because if we keep silent on this issue,we may soon run out of enough colonies, just even to make for us the only thing we commonly know bees for:(HONEY).
  • We encourage togetherness in beekeeping because this is the only way we can learn and put in practice many  ideas we learn from others around the world. And since bees achieve a lot through togetherness, so we can
  • We are currently work hand in hand with our Australian friends to see that Flow Hive and other related accessories are soon made available in Uganda.
    My friends it is very enjoyable to be in the company of a few people who have been inspired and motivated by realities of life. Flow Hive team are people whom I am talking about here.
    These are people who have dedicated their lives to be the spear head in modern beekeeping.
    Dear friends,we are so much eager to drive a point home to everyone everywhere as regards to global village environment sustainability.
    If anyone has simple inexpensive widely applicable environmental conservation idea(s), let us join our hands,our meager resources together to better our environment.
    Maranatha BKI Enterprises based in KUMI Town, Teso subregion is currently working together with Flow Hive,an Australian based revolutionary technology in beekeeping company,to try get any way possible to avail Ugandans with a best and affordable Flow Hives in order to do BEEKEEPING in a gentle and modern way.
    We are also currently sourcing simple, effective, low cost widely applicable ideas of environmental sustainability for better crop yield improvement in all our 4 regions in Uganda.
    Our simple and effective idea towards environmental sustainability and crop yield improvement is just beekeeing.
    What is your idea?
    It has been proven that Pollinators are responsible for up to 75% of natural pollination of crops in our farms, of which honey bees are a largest in pollinator family.
    No wonder,one famous Scientist,by the name Albert Einstein said,”without bees in the world,man can only exist for four years.”
    This should make us realize how vital bees are in our ecosystem.
    Maranatha BKI Enterprises is so lucky to have friends who are highly placed as far as beekeeing is concerned. We are currently in positive talks with Flow Hive, the world’s best manufactures of latest revolutionary technology in beekeeping equipment.
    Flow Hive company is from Australia and they have agreed to extend that high technology in beekeeping to Uganda through their International Authorised Flow Hive Resellers in Uganda. Their major aim is to bring their services nearest to Ugandan beekeeing communities so as to improve on our environmental sustainability.
    The Flow Hives are very convenient to use and we hope as many people as possible will join join the industry as hobby or for commercial purposes.
    With these kind of revolutionary technology in beekeeping, every single individual any time any where can do beekeeping more over at thier backyards.
    With Flow Hive technology,Kings too can be part of beekeeing community and so do presidents, mps, etc.
    We, Maranatha BKI Enterprises were too quick to respond to the cry of bees during traditional honey harvest.
    100s of 1000s of bees loose their lives during traditional honey harvest, but with Flow Hive technology, there is no more mass killing of girls (bees),you just simply turn on a key and fresh pure Honey flows out of your Hive.
    Thank you for passing by and please think of aquiring at least two Flow Hives this year. Come again for new ideas in beekeeping.