Welcome here you will find a wealth of information on bee keeping. O:My fellow beekeepers and all friends. It is very beneficial environmentally, physically, and may be emotionally healthy to love bees. Having grown in a rural setting bees have been our close friends for decades. Many bad things happen to bees and other pollinators in our environment world over.Some times just because many of us are ignorant of the importance of pollinators; bees being the biggest of that family. In our Region: Africa, bees are still given lower attention due to less knowledge, of their significance in natural pollination activity. Bees are still viewed as an enemy just because some times they are forced to Mount defense when attacked. We all know the “taste” and other health benefits of honey, which is majorly a sole cause of conflict between bees and man and perhaps other animals too. From as far as old testament time, to date honey has remained the only sweetest natural substance found world over. Thanks God for giving Bees best knowledge and ability to manufacture honey.Man might feel out smarted by bees because however much advanced man is, nothing yet naturally sweeter than honey has been manufactured by man with only organic materials. I stand to be corrected. Bees work harder and the result is so adorable and because of their conservation of the environment, we need to do more to preserve the colonies with every ability we may have.


What are pollinators?

Pollinators are insects that carry pollen from one flower to another.

There quite many types and families of pollinators in our environment, bees being the largest family.


May simply mean maintenance of colonies for a desired purpose.

Africanized bee- a highbrid bee with characteristics suitable for beekeeping.

Simple glossary of beekeeping:

Apiary: a yard where bees are kept.

Apiology: ecology of bees.

Apothecary: a brand of alternative medicine that uses honey bee products including honey, pollen,propolls, Royal jelly and bee venom.

Bee: A member of an order that includes ants and wasps.

Beekeeper: Also known as apiarist, is a person who cares for bees.

Bee venom therapy- also known as apitherapy.

Beeskeeping: bees are kept for their products, principally honey and ability in taking part in natural pollination.

Bee hive: A housing for cavity dwelling bees that allow inspection ay honey retrieve.

Buck fast highbrid bee – a very productive bee suitable for dump cloudy climates.

Some few characteristics of common bees and wasps:-

Carniolan honey bee: A gentle bee, good for variable nector flow.

A CLONY COLLAPSE DISORDER – MALADY of an known cause characterized by disappearance of bees from a hive.

My friends there are thousands of things we may have not known about bees.
For an example did you know that bees are the most hard working insects and they are the most intelligent of all their spices.
Bees collect polen from thousands of different trees and the same to nectar.
At the end we end up with very delicious medical honey which no chemist can make out of natural ingredients.

























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